Wine In The Hills


Join us on a trip along the beautiful Hockley Road, arriving firstly at the Adamo Estate Wineries, where you will enjoy a 60 minute tour. You will sample 2 different wines, and get a look at the beautiful property. Next you will be visiting the majestic property of the Windrush Estate Winery, where the sweeping landscape will have you mesmerized. You will enjoy a 90 minute tour and sample 2 of their award-winning wines. Each guest will also get a bottle of their wine to take home. You will also enjoy a lovely charcuterie box from Fromage.

  • This tour will thrill your senses. Sample wines from 2 great wineries.

    250 Canadian dollars

All tours includes all samples, tips, comfortable transportation to all locations (including pick-up & drop-off), snacks & water on board, & free digital photos of your experience.