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Top Ten Ontario Breweries

Top Ten Breweries in Ontario, According to Untappd

If you are like me, you love lists. Especially if the list is about breweries. To that end, I have compiled the top 10 list of breweries in Ontario, according to the app Untappd. The rating the breweries have is an amalgamation of people’s review of their beers. Perhaps not very scientific, but it does highlight some very good breweries. Also, for the sake of fairness, the brewery had to have a minimum of 1000 check-ins overall. So here is the list:

1. Wood Brothers, Glen Robertson, ON 4.26 Mostly IPAs

2. Badlands Brewing, Caledon, ON 4.22 Mostly IPAs

3. Third Moon Brewing, Milton, ON 4.18 Mostly IPAs

4. Willibald Farm Brewery, Ayr, ON 4.12 Various Styles

T5. Half Hours on Earth, Seaforth, ON 4.07 Mostly Sours

T5. Barncat Artisan Ales, Cambridge, ON 4.07 IPAs & Stouts

7. Small Pony Barrel Works, Kanata, ON 4.06 Wild Ales

8. Bellwoods Brewery, Toronto, ON 4.02 Various Styles

9. Rouge River Brewing, Markham, ON 3.95 Various Styles

T10. Short Finger Brewing, Kitchener, ON 3.91 Mostly Sours

T10. Counterpart Brewing, Niagara Falls, ON 3.91 Various Styles

I will also give honourable mention to Reverence Barrel Works in Cambridge. They currently have a rating of 4.04 and are quickly approaching the 1000 beer check-in mark. So did your favourite make the list? Two of mine did!

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