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Well, with yet another lockdown upon us, we will have to wait at least a few more weeks to visit some local breweries. In anticipation, I will be reaching out to our many brewers in Ontario to ask what their patio plans are. Stay tuned. In the mean time, I am creating a list of breweries in Ontario that will deliver province wide and what the cost is.

For those willing to pick up, The Taphouse in Orangeville has two new beers to try. The first is a Blood orange sour that is not too tart, and is called Rhymes With Orange(ville). The second is their Community Lager that is going to be a great summer beer – easy drinking and very refreshing. On top of that, .50c from each can sold goes to Junior B lacrosse in Orangeville.

So I have been doing a lot of reading lately, and asking lots of questions. As such, I have come across a lot of interesting beer facts. Did you know? :

· For contract brewers (Professional breweries you can hire to make a beer for you), the minimum run starts at 10,000 hectolitres (or 20,000 tall cans). Really need to think about ordering that much beer!

· If you buy your beer directly from the brewer, they make about $1.50. If you buy the same beer through the LCBO, the brewer makes about .30c.

· There are currently 114 recognized beer styles as per the most recent Beer Judging Certification Program. This number does not include styles that are rare or no longer brewed.

· Hops and cannabis are very closely related, but about 27 million years ago hops evolved and marijuana developed from this genus. Both share a compound that has been known to relax people. Apparently, you can even smoke hop cones, but I don’t suggest it – keep them for brewing!

· Beer has 3 times the economic impact over wine and spirits combined.

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