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Last Call for 2021!

Dec 2021

Another year and so much to think about. What better to think about than beer? It was certainly a busy year for the beer scene, and thankfully I was able to spend much of my time at Ontario breweries. 27 to be exact, if I include 3 of the cideries. Certainly I enjoyed lots of quality time there, both in work and play.

I take this opportunity to thank and recognize our partners in supporting Ontario Brew Tours.


Caledon Hills @caledonhillsbrewing

Sonnen Hill @sonnenhill

Windrush Estate Winery @windrushestatewinery

Furnace Room @furnaceroombrewery

Adamo Estate Winery @adamoestatewinery

Spirit Tree Cidery @spirittreecider

Heartwood Farm & Cidery @heartwoodcidery

Wrinkly Bear @wrinklybearbrewing

The Taphouse Craft Beer & Kitchen @taphousecraftbeer

Cambium Farms @cambiumfarms

My goal in 2021 was to get to a specific list of breweries and I was not happy with my efforts to pare the list down. Oh, I got to lots of breweries, just not the ones I said I would. For those who care, toss me a message and I will be sure to let you know what they were and when I do plan on hitting some of them. I would even be open to ride-alongs.

Also, I have mentioned to a few people that I am planning to start up a Euchre Club at The Taphouse. We obviously have to wait until it is safer, but if you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know. It would be about once a month, on a weeknight.

Lastly, here is 5 ways to enjoy your beer or cider more.

1. Make sure the beverage is served at the correct temperature. If it doesn’t tell you on the bottle or can, there are some accepted guidelines available on line.

2. Be sure to pour your drink into a glass. Don’t get hung up on which glass style, just use a glass! You miss half the experience if you deny yourself the aroma.

3.Discover the wonderful food pairings to enjoy with your bevvy. Even beer or cider with dessert is worth exploring,

4. Do your homework. If you know more about your favourite drink, you will more readily find other similar delights. Don’t just buy it because it is in a pretty can.

5. Don’t be afraid to branch out a little. With over 100 unique styles of beer and such a variety of apples and ingredients, you will be amazed at the choices available to you, in your own community. Make a commitment to your local providers, so we can ensure their on-going success. Ontario continues to drive the craft beer and cider growth.

Here is to a better year! May it bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

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