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Beer is Back Baby!

It’s official! The beer market in Ontario is back. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at the facts:

1. Domestic beer sales are up 2.2% for June, year over year. I know that this may seem like a minimal increase, but if you consider the size of the market, this number is huge!

2. This is the 5th month in a row where we have seen an increase of this nature.

3. Ontario saw a huge increase in breweries in 2021. At last count there were 450 breweries in the province; compared to 360 in 2020. This is an increase of 25%. Not bad in a pandemic!

4. Festivals are back! I just heard about two happening in Toronto, in the coming weeks. The Toronto Craft Beer Festival from Sept. 23rd to 26th. The other is put on by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies and has already sold out.

5. One of my brewery buddies told me that there is a shortage of steel tuns (brewing kettles) due to demand from brewery expansions and start-ups.

This truly is the best time to be a craft beer fan in Ontario. More breweries, better beer choice, world-class beer quality, and more ways to enjoy them.

We, ourselves are about to expand our tour territory into York County. Add to this the beer and cider events we present at Cambium Farms (see below). Not to mention the backyard tasting events we have done and our custom brewery tours. This should be enough to keep even the biggest beer nerd happy.


The BEERdeity

@ontariobrewtours #beerdeity

Thursday, September 23 – Beer Tasting: Understanding Sours

Thursday, September 30 – Cider Tasting: Elsewhere in Ontario

Thursday, October 7 – Beer Tasting: Red Beers

Thursday, November 18 – Beer Tasting: Stouts, Porters & Dark Beers

Thursday, December 9 – Beer Tasting: Seasonals/Winter Warmers

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