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Ontario Brew Tours provides local beer, wine and cider tours, in the Headwaters region. Having lived in the area for over 6 years, the owners, Jeff and Chris have come to appreciate the unique and wonderful things that the Headwaters has to offer, especially as it relates to food and drink.

We offer a safe, comfortable experience where you get to sample some amazing tastes, hear some interesting stories from the region, all the while letting us look after all the details.


Jeff and Chris moved to Mono in 2012, and wished they had done so sooner. Now living in Orangeville, they plan to stay in the area for many more years. Both retired a few years ago, Jeff and Chris became "Brew Tourists" and travelled widely to experience as much of this culture as they could. With more than 300 unique visits to breweries, cideries and wineries, they certainly have some great insights. They may not always agree on the destinations they felt were the best, but totally agree that our area has some memorable places to visit.

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What does the tour include?

Your tour includes your safe and comfortable transportation, all tasting samples, enthusiastic guided tour experience, a light snack, water, and a digital photo of your adventure.

How many people can you accommodate?

Currently we offer tours for up to 6 people at once. We have the ability to rent much larger vehicles, should you need one. 

Can we buy more alcohol on the tour?

Do you offer custom tours?

Yes, we can design a tour specific to your group's interests and needs. We would offer a special pick-up/ delivery location of your choosing, provide several destination options and expand the service to include all of your guests.

Should we drink before the tour?

No, the amount of sampling provided will ensure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience. Anyone appearing to be inebriated before the tour will be refused access. Anyone deemed inebriated while on the tour will be cut off, and will remain so for the duration of the tour.

Should I eat before the tour? 

Yes, as we only provide a light snack, we suggest eating a full meal before the tour. Some of our stops offer food, but our limited time with each one may not give you enough time to order and eat there.

We would encourage guests to purchase any bottles/cans for consumption at home. The number of samples provided will ensure that everyone has a great time, in a safe manner.

Do I need to be at least 19?

Yes, as our tours take us to licensed establishments, you will need your ID. We will be checking for it at the beginning of the tour, but you may also be asked by the places we visit.

What else do I need?

Other than ID and weather-appropriate clothing, you need nothing else. You have the option to purchase bottles/cans and other merchandise at most locations. We look after all tasting costs, including tips. 

How long are the tours?

Tours usually last 4 to 4 1/2 hours. We will spend approximately 45 minutes at each location, plus the travel time between stops.